WaterHouse houses, mean freedom and liberty.
La Mare houseboats have extensive basic furnishings, which means that there are all the necessary installations (water, electricity, TV, heating with stove and radiators, so the houses can be used at any time of the year). Houseboats La Mare are built turnkey, that is, they have furnishings such as: finished floors (a choice of 20 colors), wallpaper (1000 patterns to choose from), finished ceiling, installed interior doors, bathroom equipped with a shower, cabinet with sink, special electric toilet, fan, comprehensive interior and exterior lighting, electric switches and sockets in a color matching the interior design). The terraces are lined with a special board, the durability of which – without annual maintenance – is determined to be 25 years. On individual order, we can provide water houses equipped with bedroom furniture, lounge furniture, window curtains, radio, TV and speakers, and even a sauna or barbecue. The floats on which the houseboat floats have a lifespan of at least 100 years! The facade is made of material that is resistant to sunlight and weather for decades. The hot-dip galvanized steel structure will withstand more than one storm and gale, moreover, it is also possible to use the houseboat on salt water. Such extensive equipment significantly differs our offer from what developers offer, because the apartments they sell do not have such rich equipment, which for the investor involves time-consuming and expensive interior finishing. Once the unit is received from the La Mare shipyard, it can be used right away, without the cost of retrofitting the houseboat. Importantly – a houseboat can be finished according to the owner’s tastes and preferences. There is no need to use our ready-made solutions, and we are not afraid to realize the dreams and original ideas of our customers!
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