Houses on the water, or houseboats, are available in many different designs. Very popular are floating houses, which are a great way to discover new corners of the world without giving up your own comfortable home. On the other hand, non-floating versions are a treat for those who are looking for their own place of relaxation and space conducive to rest – away from the city, busy thoroughfares and noisy neighbors, while not wanting to buy a house in the countryside. These are also products aimed at people looking for additional income opportunities and a good alternative to buying apartments or apartments for rent. The investment payback period is 6-7 years, not – as in the case of the above mentioned properties – 11-14 years.

LaMare Houseboats

Below you will find all the models of water houses we offer, which can be made in floating (with engine, wheelhouse, solar package, fuel tank, navigation lights) as well as stationary versions.